Floral Affair

Even only after less than 3 hours of sleep last night, I managed to pull my ass up from my bed and make it to the Flora Fest parade. Been bugging mom to go 'cause I was really itching to take some photographs. Managed to arrive in time despite the fact that we both had never ventured into the unknown world of Putrajaya. Seems to me a pretty nice neighbourhood, but a tad too isolated from the rest of the "happenning" places. Anyway, we'd never be late. VIPs have their own time zones. On this side of the planet, it's called the "Malaysian time zone". Bad mistake to leave my sunscreen at the office, 'cause I practically melted under the sun when it finally came up. But nonetheless, I think the whole thing wasn't too bad. Despite the dickhead RELA officers who kept yelling at the crowd and blocking photographers' views. I'm not saying all RELA members are dickheads. I just think those idiots standing near me today could've done a better job. Yes, they're just doing their job to control the situation. But there's a need to master the art of being authoritative or risk ending up being a pain in the ass. They really think they're some generalissmo of some sort in that uniform, being really rude to the people. I mean, you could try better at asking people to sit down rather than push them back and looking like you're attempting to dry-hump someone. And when you ask someone to sit down because people at the back can't see the parade, you might as well move your not-so-cute ass away from the camera's view! Aren't they supposed to be courteous? Let's not talk about being pigeon-eyed, but if I were a tourist, I'd be soooo turned-off by Malaysians and won't be convinced no matter how much of advertising revenue the Malaysian Tourism Board has thrown into VMY.

I think I took damn lots of pictures, but I'm not gonna post too many here. Just a few nice ones will do :)

Didn't keep count on how many floats and bands there were. But one came after the next, I kinda like that combination. makes it less packed and more time for my camera to adjust. Surprisingly, my camera didn't act up today, despite the huge amount of zoom-in shots and sun exposure. The first float was the VMY '07 float, followed by the first brass band from VI Institution. There were lots of school bands involved, but I just couldn't keep track of which was which. Only remember there were St. John's, Kuen Cheng, CBN, Cochrane and even Jinjang! My favourite float was the Johor float.

Why? Because Johoreans have a wicked sense of homour. Big foot. Lol. All these great spirit when they've been hit by such devastation. Impressive eh?

Who said taking pictures is easy? Must take care of skin also... This Korean media person is using Biotherm sunscreen sumore

And lastly, to end a Malaysian affair, must do it in a true Malaysian style mah.


orange said...

omg.. u always take those 'dangerous' pic.. careful if ppl catch you.. especially the korean guy who uses biotherm.. lolz