Age ain't nothing but a number?

Looks can be deceiving.

Yes. I agree sometimes it does.


Don't I look my age? FYI, it's 21.

One shitty brainless stupid muthafucka commented that my face tricked him to believe that I'm not actually 21. Stupid fucker. You try plastering makeup onto your face everyday from early morning until late night, and having to dress up according to a dress code that's more suitable for people 10 years senior than you... Let's see how YOU deceive others about your age. Some people don't know how to speak honestly, without making others feel like stabbing a thousand daggers right up their asses. And twisting those daggers round and round like the 'Eye on Malaysia', until the asshole becomes big like 'Eye on Malaysia'.

To the stupid idiot, I wish that you will NEVER EVER be re-hired by your ex-boss, aka my current boss. One, 'cause you're stupid to the point of no salvation. Two, 'cause I hate you. You're not even cute enough to comment about me in the first place. So learn how to keep your mouth shut. Or speak honestly, in a more diligent manner.