A Matter of Trust

Being an outside, independent, non-committed observer sure gives me an opportunity to see a lot of things in a clear manner. Since I'm non-committed, my feelings won't be clouding my judgement on the issue. What issue? You would ask. Let me share this with you.

This may not be necessarily true for all, but most of the cinko guys I know make really good and faithful boyfriends. Cinko boyfriends tend to place their girlfriends on top of their priority lists, and work hard at their relationships. The ones I know pay for their girlfriends' expenses, become their 24-hour on-call driver, call their girlfriend "wife", remember important dates and plan special activities for the day, yada yada yada... You get my point lah. But like all normal human beings, cinko boyfriends aren't perfect. They may have loads of bad points, like smoking, gambling, or the occasional wandering eye. But there's just one bad point that I really can't understand. Or rather, can't accept. Nope... Never have and never will.

Cinko boyfriends are extremely possessive and filled with jealousy. Yes, the emphasis is absolutely necessary and totally not an exaggeration. In fact, I couldn't have thought of a better way to represent their annoying qualities. Most of my girlfriends who are dating cinko guys sometimes don't earn my respect. Don't get me wrong... I love my girlfriends. I don't look down on them, I just don't get why they let someone to tell them what to do, where to go, what to wear, who to hang out with, etc.

That's why I believe trust is a really important factor in a relationship. No trust, no way it's gonna work. What's wrong with us girls hanging out with guys other than our boyfriend? What's wrong with us wearing whatever clothes we like when we go out, even if it makes us look like a slut? What's wrong with us NOT asking for our boyfriend's permission on where and who to go out with late at night? I don't see anything wrong. Nothing is wrong if there's a strong bond between two people. Girls shouldn't be asking permission from her boyfriend if she can go out with her friends. What's his authority to be telling her so? Unless he's dating Paris Hilton, then I'd sympathise the fella. Back to the point... Just because us girls hang out with other guys, it doesn't mean we're cheating. Why can't some people understand the concept of a platonic relationship? Do they honestly think a person can retain a normal state of mentality if they don't have a mixture of female and male friends? Whoever's getting jealous easily is the abnormal one. Not the other.

Sometimes I wish my girlfriends can understand what I'm trying to say to them. But they don't. Maybe they don't see what's wrong. It gets frustrating. I'm no feminist. But I don't need a dick telling me where to go when all they know is to point upwards.

Maybe they feel like they're respecting their boyfriend when they obey to boyfriend's demands. I beg to differ. Respect in a relationship means giving enough trust to your partner so that he/she won't be walking around with thoughts of you being a potential cheater. Let's just say hypothetically, I'm dating Hugh Jackman. I'd love him faithfully and be a great girlfriend. But I'd still want my 'me time'. Hanging out with friends and such. And he doesn't have to worry. 'Cause he knows my friends are just my friends and he's my love. Now who doesn't love Hugh Jackman's ass? :p

Apparently I'm no preacher, 'cause no one buys my two cent's worth of thought. Two very close friends influenced this entry. One really does need permission to go out with friends, even with me. One had to ask people to lie about her whereabouts 'cause she didn't want King Boyfriend to be jealous.

Can't blame me for being dateless. I'm too picky. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, you know. I know what I want and only want guys who can handle me. If they can't, maybe they shouldn't have tried. Saves up time and prevents ill feelings. Considering the nature of the industry I'm in, working late nights and meeting new people all the time, jealous guys are never on my list. I'm so not bothered to nurture their insecurity. If you're so insecure about me or rather yourself, then maybe it's better if you dated yourself. Seriously... Show some trust in your love, people!