Is it 2007 already?

Okay, I'm still a lil' depressed about the changes I'm going through in life, so I had some whiskey. Aah... Good ol' Chivas Regal. Just a few sips to make me ding-dong. But then again, I poured out like, half a glass of it :p Didn't even finish before I threw 'em down the sink. Could use a shot of dirty tequila now. But I'm not out clubbing, so... Forget about that. Ooh... That explains the new and slutty panel I have on the right handside bar. Guys I'd like to fuck. Funny how just a small quantity of alcohol can mess with your thoughts. And while I was googling for some more pics, I came across this one of my Italian dream. It's very raunchy. 'Cause he's buck nekkid. Won't post the pic here, but anyone interested in having a peek can go to this link:

I'm wondering, do Italian footballers have some kinda stripping bet after matches? If they do, I'm damn sure gonna save up money to buy meself a plane ticket and a ticket to any of Juventus' matches. But only if they strip at the end of the match lah! That would totally be worth the price to pay. Found some pics with Buffon wearing speedos as well and boy, does he look sexy or what?? But his fiancee was naked though, not him. So no pics of that.

Buffon's fiancee... Another delicious man getting hitched soon. Life sure is depressing like hell. Now when will my hunky, sensitive sex god fall into my laps? I'm still waiting...