Just realised how big of a kampung girl I am. Nearly got lost while walking through the other side of office today. Man, I never thought we had soooooo many departments and such wide space!! Luckily I had my tag on. If not then the security guards would shoo me away 'cause they'll prolly think I'm a trespasser or something. Finally understand how corporate the place is and would get it when people talk about bureaucratic red tapes. Was also my first time up to the hotel. Wuah... So damn classy lah! At least the reception area was impressive. That was as far as I went. Don't know how the rooms look like. Needless to say, I nearly got lost again... TWICE!! Made a trip to the back of the ballroom, into the kitchens. The place smelled like rotten melons. 'Cause they had tons of honeydews stored there. But I don't think they're rotten lah. Just smelled weird.

Am working on my first baby right now (not related in any way to sexual intercourse, mind you). I'm so worried about it not being able to fit into expectations. Now no more stress, just worries. Haih... I think I prefer stress, compared to worry. At least stress gives me that drive to work harder. Worrying just makes me miserable. Nevermind... A little bit of (work clothes) shopping and facial tomorrow should do the trick. Hehe...