My First Day

Bad things to happen on your first day of work?
  • Waking up late 'cause too used to the snooze button.
  • Can't find anything decent to wear
  • Nagged by mom for taking too long to get ready
  • Realise you've got a hole in your pantyhose AFTER a million of people has already seen you

Very bad things?

  • Waking up with a swollen eye. Can't get any better than this.

Good things?

  • Being on time for work.
  • Helpful colleagues.
  • Cool boss who isn't kiam siap in teaching you things, answers your questions and has patience for newbies.
  • Colleagues to have lunch with on a first day.

So there. I made it through my first day of my first real job, still alive and kicking. Although very tired and body aching from the reflexology massages. But it wasn't too bad. Not too bored until I had nothing to do, nor too busy until I had to do everything. Was kinda sleepy in the afternoon though 'cause my body wasn't used to the new timing yet. But it'll get better soon. Realised I need so much more effort on a lot of things. Must work hard toward improving self. I so deserve the 'Best Newbie' award for staying back 3 hours after working hours. Boss asked to stay to learn more new things ma... Can't say no wat. I'm thankful though. Gotta go to bed now, or else I'll end up worse than this. Nites!

P/S: Pictures after I get the keys to my drawer. Felt so bad about leaving my things around that I'm not gonna bring more valuables to the office yet, until I have those damn keys. And those OL's who seem to crowd every restaurant/stall during lunch hours around the city? Don't hate them. I'm one of them now. Though I try hard not to dress like the rest of the pack.


deb said...

wahh! so nice reading about your first day. i wonder if my first day will be as pleasant as yours. strange isn't it, worrying about my 1st day when job also belum dapat. hahahahaha!!


aichiban said...

i forgot how my 1st day was like.
getting old....

Ashley Liew said...

Deb... Ur ridiculous la. Lol! U adamant on doing PR ah? Will *ring ring* u if I hear any news la