Beautiful Sunday

From Gasing Hill, mom and I went to the market. I don't know why, but I really like the market in Serdang, even more than shopping in Jusco sometimes. Don't mind the not-so-hygienic and overly-chaotic situation at all (A fact that surprises a few friends of mine. They don't even think I can cook in the first place). Will be broken-hearted if the dumb asses relocate the market in the future. It was in the papers. Apparently they need to relocate the hawkers due to the badly congested roads. Or they'll build a centre for the hawkers. That's so silly. Can't they just leave the place alone? Yes, the traffic is terrible. But it's just a part of the place's identity. And it's amazing how another trip to the market, a weekly chore, can turn my nearly-depressed self into feeling positive about another new week ahead.

Scene: Buying chicken at the chicken-stall

Mom : Wait here. Need to go get coriander leaves
Me : *blank face*

(Mom passes me RM20 to pay the chicken-stall uncle)
Chicken-uncle : (Looks at me while getting our chicken ready)
You studying ah? Form 4? Form 1?
Me : (Wide smile on face)
No la. I'm working.
Chicken-uncle : (Embarrased)
Ooh... What you work as?
Me : Office-work
Chicken-uncle : Ooh... Good la. Not like us. Have to sell chicken. So dirty and tiring. Sit in the office nicer.
Me : (Smiles. Pays chicken-uncle and walks away to look for mom)

So there. Being mistaken as a high-schooler lifted up my spirits for the coming week :) A difficult week. Coordinating for an event down in S'pore is not easy, so to speak. Hope the cocktail party goes well. I can't go. I wish I could. But I'm not allowed to. Bummer!

On a totally unrelated note, I've never been a local entertainment industry fan. But I like this:

Nice. But I didn't really like the part where Jaclyn Victor came on. She just spoiled the song. At least for me la.


orange said...

pity the uncle who sell chicken.. blind but still have to work hard.. kesian kes *rrrrrrrrun*

Ashley Liew said...

You better run fast n far far away