Monday Blues

Doesn't life suck and become all depressing when all your effort seem to be just a pile of crap just because your superior is attacked by the same disease that hits you every month? By that, I mean the disease that gets to me every month = PMS. (Mostly, it attacks multiple times per month).

I'm not beaten down to an all-time low. In fact, I don't feel beaten at all. Life isn't all butterflies and daisies. I get that point. But it's just harder the first time, I guess.

In the (rap) words of Timbaland:

So, cut the crying, cut the coughing,
Cut the weazing, girl
Quit the blaming, cut the naming,
Cut the sleeping, girl

Thinking about Sunday night cheers me up a wee bit. Loved La Bodega. Love the friends whom I spent time with there.

The food was simply delicious. We were surprised by the elegant presentation. Never thought it'd be so... Fine dining-like. Had this really cool drink, Sangria, which is a mix of wine and fruit juice.


deb said...

i know of a place where they serve waaaaay better sangrias. at a waaaaaaay cheaper price also. whenever i go with my family, we usually order by the jug. haha! near my house only. i'll take you there someday.

promise! :)