My New Year

How did I spent the first day of 2007?
Went up to genting with mom, to meet dad.

What did I do there?
Walked around, took pictures, ate a lot, made mom buy me stuff (got a really nice scarf!), watched the Mysteria show, didn't sleep, ate sumore.

What's nice about that?
Nothing much really. But dad menang judi so of course I ciloked some moolah *grin* The Mysteria show was kinda fun, 'cause there were awesome magic tricks (think ala 'The Prestige'), cun chicks and guys, breathtaking acrobatic tricks and a halfway foiled piracy attempt. My new scarf is cute!!

What sucked?
About 98% of everything, which I'm too tired to type out. Why? Refer below. Worst? I forgot my mp3 player, but brought the spare batteries -.-" But thank god for handfree kits! Which I left in my bag. So in the end at least I had radio stations to listen to.

So what else besides Genting?
Just got home from a reflexology treat. The experience was painful like hell. But it's supposed to be good for me so I'm not complaining. I guess if anyone had a hidden camera beneath my face, I'd win big bucks on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. And I'm not even American to begin with.

Anything else?
I'm so gonna die tomorrow! My first steps into the corporate world. Aaagghhhh!!!!!!