This isn't fair!

Found this on Perez Hilton's webbie

People, take your eyes off Carmen Electra just for a sec. Just a sec. Pay attention to Dummybeast instead. 'Cause it's a "blink or you'll miss it" kinda thing. I don't know why but I caught it. Goddamnit. Dummybeast's face looks like my ex's face.

I want spoof with my face in it too *stomps feet* Umm... Maybe starring Daniel Wu. Or Nicolas Cage. Or Hugh Jackman. Or Joey G. Or Jason Statham. Or... Ok, ok. I get it *zips mouth*

Carmen Electra's spoofing lonelygirl15. Honestly, I don't know who she is. But according to Uncle Google (as how my bro calls it), lonelygirl15 is a fictional videoblog of a girl, created by a bunch people, whom I think have too much time in their hands. Daniel is a character off this videoblog, and why am I talking about Daniel? Because Dummybeast is a reference to Daniel aka Danielbeast. And Daniel does look a lil' bit like my ex. I don't get why the picture in Carmen Electra's spoof look that much like him though.

Talk about weird stuff we can find on the Internet. Sheesh...