Got my fix

Aah... After being deprived of the ever-so-wonderful experience of shopping, I finally got to do some today. With part of my own money. Big part of my own money, from my salary. Can't say I don't feel sad parting with the moolah, but I'm mostly proud of my newfound independence. But not total flying without wings kinda independence la... Was supposed to shop for CNY clothes, but ended up buying working clothes instead. Sigh... But they're absolutely gorgeous! At affordable prices sumore. Got this really cun satin dress, but since I'm too short, gotta alter it. Damn it I've stained the dress eight after buying it. I'll kill myself if it can't be removed. Aarghhhhh!!

Vanness Wu was at Sungei Wang Plaza as well. For those without any clue who Vanness Wu is, he's one-fourth of F4. Yes, those gay-looking dudes from 'Meteor Garden'. He also acted in some movies but I forgot the name. There's this boxing one that he did and got some praises for it. I used to luurrvveee F4, mostly because of Vic Zhou. But when I think of it right now, I can't believe I was once a fan. Malu... Anyway, I thought it was kinda a sad affair. 'Cause I didn't see a lot fans there for him. I don't think there was even 100 people. Now when you're an international star, that figure does seem a little pathetic. More than pathetic, actually. Although that was my estimated figure, I may be wrong. I'm ready to apologize if I really was. He was there for less than hour, one hour tops. That I'm definitely sure of. He prolly signed some autographs, made some hardcore fans happy and darted off. I heard some screaming fans while heading for dinner after my shopping spree, but they were not loud enough. Compared to the time when I went for Vic's autograph session 6 years ago, this is really sad. But F4 is not as hot as 6 years back, so... It figures. I do think Vanness is a talented chap, but hated his work with that Korean fella, was his name Kangta or something like that? So gay. If Vanness didn't work on that he prolly would've been better off. Lol. Or maybe it was Rain's latest and Lee Hom's upcoming concerts that have overshadowed his promotional stopover? Kesian... Let's give him a break, shall we?