Radio Mess

The Malaysian radio scene isn't too much of a pride to begin with, (Think constant song replays, DJs who try to hard to be funny, sound sophisticated, etc... You get the idea) so I was devastated to find out the latest development of the sad scene. I was left to survive with my radio-enabled phone and its handsfree kit (God bless!) while in Genting, and I happen to have caught the morning segment for three different English radio stations. The lamest and most annoying one (fourth one la) was out of reception. Haha! One jock was left alone in the studio, and I'm still not interested in his konon funny jokes and pranks. Another station that hired I guess two jocks from its sister station reshuffled the morning segment, and now has three jocks for the breakfast show. Why is that annoying bitch still allowed to be on-air? And the most heart wrenching thing to happen, my favourite jock has gone. He was back in the scene for a year, and what a happy year it was for me. I even got to meet him in person while we celebrated the anniversary. But now, I can only wonder what happened to my favouritest radio jockey. Sigh... Please come back soon. I miss you.