A foxy tale

Yesterday we had quite a scare at home. The security alarm went off in the afternoon and it freaked us out a little bit. Hold on, make that completely panicked. My brother got our cousin who lived opposite to come over to check out the house and he said the door was open and shoes were strewn messily at the front porch. I also got a friend living nearby to wait in front of the house. But she told me everything was normal. No doors were open. But it's not like we had any room to take chances. So naturally I had to tell my boss that I had to leave the office to check on things at home and I took 10 minutes to speed home from Putrajaya. Normally I take a 20-minute leisure drive home after work everyday.

I went in the house with my friend after I arrived. I got so annoyed by my cousin when I saw that things were exactly like what my friend had told me. We hesitated at first to enter but did it anyway. There was no break-in so we concluded that the bugger must've attempted to but ran away after the alarm went off. My neighbours had their houses broken into within these past few weeks, and most of them through the back door or roof.

The police came more than an hour and a half after my mom called. She called immediately after she got the alarm response. They had balls like the size of dried raisins that I pour out of the cereal box that I have for breakfast every morning. We told them there wasn't any break-in but we suspect someone must've tried getting in through the roof. It was obvious neither my mom or myself could get up to the roof and my mom asked them to check. Ten points for those who guessed they never climbed up to the attic. For those who still have blind faith in the justice system in this country, you might as well go drink straight from the gutter right behind your house. If you're lucky, you might just die from E.Coli or something like that. Fyi, they just kept smoking in front of my house and talked about us as if we were crazy and wasted their time coming over. Their ciggie butts are still right outside the gate. One joker even tried to comment that we had a fox up on the attic and the animal probably set off the alarm. Finally one of them just merely stuck his head up to the ceiling opening and concluded that there was no break-in attempts. This stunt, I already pulled off an hour before they reached. Another guy tried to protect their whole police integrity by threatening that they had already checked and we shouldn't spread lies by saying that they didn't check. That seriously left me wondering if they were professional jesters in police uniform. I live in a fucking joke of a country and I'm not doing anything about it!!! This feels even worse than being screwed over by a so-called friend. Somebody tell me why shouldn't we all just emigrate?


deb said...

now i know why every time i go home, dad never fails to tell me not to settle down in msia.

sad, really..

aichiban said...

i personally (well, not personnaly) contributes RM 1.5k monthly to some of their personal coffers to buy coffees. the whole system is corrupted