Living in sin is the new thing

I need to distant myself from any shoe-shopping activity for at least a few months from now. Totally busted my budget this month. Now imagine how it would have been if I had found out about the L'oreal Warehouse Sale earlier. I would so totally be eating grass during lunch time at work for the rest of 2009.

Been dragging Mr. Bun around shopping malls on my search for the perfect pair of booties. I saw this pair on the Charles & Keith website months ago and they have finally reached our shores. They're super fabulous but I decided against buying them because I know realistically that they're pretty hard to match with the clothes I have in my wardrobe. And what if I run into someone else who's wearing the exact same pair of shoes??! That would be pretty damn obvious at one look. So I'll just keep them in my thoughts, instead of my shoe cabinet.

I was dumb enough to think that I'll never find any other great pair of booties, so I settled with this black pair of Oxfords.

Just imagine the shock and horror I experienced when I walked into this Japanese-y fashion store and found this sexy pair! They were haunting me in my dreams and I had to go back the next day and buy them. I'm now a happy (and broke) girl.

Not forgetting the pink flip-flops I've been wanting for the longest time. I kinda ruined them by ripping off the label from the straps but nobody's going to notice anyway.


On the fateful day of me not knowing about the L'oreal Warehouse Sale, I went to watch Ninja Assassin with Mr. Bun, Tze Chin and Ah Sao. You see, Mr. Bun had told me that he really wanted to watch 2012 and Ninja Asssassin (because he loves movies with lots of action, blood and gore) but I refused to accompany him (because I'm a selfish girlfriend). I got free tickets for 2012 from shopping at CHIC Pop but I ended up donating them as Old Man Greg's (colleague from the office) birthday gift. I finally agreed to watch Ninja Assassin because I saw a snippet of the movie while watching TV the other day and dayum, that guy is scorching hawt!!

I've always not paid attention to Rain because I thought all he could do to be famous was showing off his abs. But this movie had me going gaga over Rain. But I must say his face is still kinda fugly. It's even worse now since he lost so much weight training for the role. I'm thankful for the abs though *drools* I found a picture which showed his transformation over the months and homeboy is looking good! Check out those muscle definitions!! (Images are totally ripped off from the net)

My favourite scenes were of him half naked (obviously!), training in an apartment in Berlin. The topless scenes towards the end of the movie were not too good because of the overly disgusting battle scars. Mr. Bun had to turn over and smack me in the head whenever any Rain's topless scenes came on. I felt there weren't enough of them. Mr. Bun said Rain was topless for 80% of the entire movie and if there were more, it probably would've turned into a porno. Now, that would be something I'd like to watch.

He did train really, really hard for the role and he was saying in an interview that all he had to eat for a few months was boiled chicken breast and egg white. I guess beauty is pain. He had to give up kimchi for a few months but he's earned much fascination from girls and gayboys so was it all worth it? I say yes!!

Hey sexy, let me make it better for ya. I hereby announce Rain as Obsession of the Month!!!


Chindiana said...

well a Rainobsession is prob more reasonable than a Gagaobsession...

Chindiana said...


Ashley Liew said...

Diana, you're such a homophobe

Chindiana said...

with Gaga a trannyphobe would be more accurate...:P