Walk, walk fashion baby

I love love love my new leather PVC jacket that I bought from CHIC POP yesterday. CHIC POP is an event by Tongue in Chic, where a number of online and offline vendors gathered at Zouk yesterday to showcase their stuff (They have it at other times too but I only went yesterday). In fact, I got a few pieces which I have been lusting over, thanks to the fashion blogs that I read almost everyday. They never fail to put my wardrobe on a walk of shame. That, or my fashion sense isn't all that chic after all. So I'm trying my level best to put myself on a more fierce level.

The Malaysian market catches up very slowly with the latest trends and I was pleasantly surprised to find decent stuff there. I was kinda expecting to find boring ahlian stuff we normally see while walking around Bangsar or any of the bigger malls in Klang Valley. Most of the vendors had pretty impressive pieces and I ended up buying a strong-shouldered dress (which I have no idea where to wear it to), a big and colourful link chain (it's nothing compared to the Yokoo one that I want, but it does somehow bear a resemblance to it), a cute metal bow ring in gold and a rad square stud ring in silver. It's bling-ing as I type this out now :) :) :) Sophia said it looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. I'm flattered *flaps wings* I had wanted to get another bracelet but it's too late now to regret my non-purchase (It was a one-day event). The bright side is I walked out of Zouk still with money in my wallet. Haha!

p/s: Anyone who wants to see my in my tightass black dress can call me for a night out and I'll have a reason to whip out my square shoulders.