All hail McQueen!

I'm not big on fashion blogging but I do follow a handful of fierce fashionistas' blogs so that I can be inspired to dress up better (on some days!). But in the recent few days, people are raving about the latest Alexander McQueen's runway show. You know it's huge when you find me writing a post about this one because I have absolutely no knowledge about runway shows. Following pictures are conveniently ripped off from Tavi and The Shoes Girl's blogs :p

Huge, huge, huge and spacious runway to complete the alien-worldly ambience. I love those rails on both sides of the runway. Makes the place seem more morbid.

Then I see these unbelievable pictures of models walking out in those shoes. THOSE SHOES!! Check them out. 

They are impossible. How did it even cross his mind to make these shoes?! 

It's really odd to even try to think of how I'm gonna walk in these things.

Here come the alien models with their alien feet. Seeing them in a group adds more to the oddity. Shall we zoom into the close-ups and see exactly how strange they look? But I must admit though despite the queer shape, these shoes do draw up some weird fascination and perhaps kinky thoughts.

If I had to choose a favourite pair, this snakeskin pair would be it.

Phew! That was a feast for the eyes, wasn't it? So I read that Heidi Klum hasn't gone into labour yet and is still resting at home. I wonder if she's gonna sashay into the delivery room in a pair of these babies... That would be so rad and sick at the same time.