Damn 7

I suppose the title above sounds more vulgar if you say the 7 in Cantonese, but what the heck.

I'm tagged by Chindiana on this "8 things you didn't know about me" list but since he's tried to be different, and I would like to be as well, I'll just go ahead and reveal only 7 unknown facts about myself. To make it sound anywhere near justifiable (and somewhat Da Vinci Code-like), I am listed as the 7th person he's tagging so here goes...

1) Sometimes I do wish it were true when Mr. Bun says that his Myvi can transform into Optimus Prime, especially when we're caught in a bad traffic jam.

2) I can't bake. Because we never owned an oven at home. Sooooo not my fault.

3) I hate pre-wedding photoshoots. I always condemn people who take them and find myself trying to be polite and keeping my mouth shut when it comes to friends who proudly show off their much photoshopped mugs in ridiculously overprized (and oversized) photo albums. It's too harsh to tell people they've been ripped off just so they can look foolish like everyone else. Which normal person prances around at the beach wearing a full suit (guy)/long flowy gown (girl)? And don't get me started on the el cheapo background effects that the bridal houses use! I'd rather use the money to extend my honeymoon trip or something worthy like that.

4) I badly want to put on my monokini and accesorize with chunky necklaces and high heels because I secretly wanna look like Paris Hilton or Beyonce at the beach.

5) My mother tounge is Hakka.

6) I can't live if I only owned G-strings. Granny panties are life savers sometimes.

7) Well, this is technically not unknown but rather, newly known. I have a girl crush on Lady Gaga!!!!!


Chindiana said...

7? woi cheating la.

I thought Lady Gaga had a dick?

Ashley Liew said...

You were right when you said you're a bad example for the young. Hence, only 7. Haha!

It's just a stupid internet rumour lah

Chindiana said...

really? i thought i DID see something slip out when she got off that bike during the concert....

well tell your girl friend not to store her spare 'lap cheong' in her g-string next time she wears a micro micro mini skirt.