Cleaning up my act

Last weekend, I achieved a task that had initially been declared as already R.I.P. *cue tragic violon music* Who would've thought a couple of wise words from a Feng Shui Master can turn things around completely? My parents came home inspired by his wise words but of course, my mom went to work immediately, i.e. getting rid of the clutter in the house. Somehow that got me started too.

This is how my room looks like on normal days. By normal I mean pre-spring cleaning. Don't be deceived by the clean-looking marble tiles. There's actually dust piling up everywhere. EVERYWHERE...

That's the hallway right in front of my room. The luggage bag's been there since end April. I know, it's not thaaaaaat long right? But yeah, I can be a total slob. Just look at that big basket of clothes!

The first thing I ever found once I got down to work was a pile of moolah. I love finding long lost hidden stash of money! This should happen every single time I clean up my room. Then I'd clean up more frequently.

I had no heart to throw this box of goodies away. There were lovely birthday and greeting cards from friends and the boyfriend *hugs*

I found this gift box from Louise and can't help but post it up for some laughs. That woman actually took the trouble to scribble all over the damn box. Got it for my 21st birthday, btw.

Oh hell yes I'm ashamed. I threw out lotsa stuff. Many of them were not photographed as evidence *hangs head low*

Though externally my room still looks similar to the "before" shot, it has very much less dust. I'm breathing in cleaner air while I sleep now. And there are less junk within those cabinets. That pink tube-looking thing at the corner is my yoga mat which had been banished into the dark ends of the store room for quite some time. It shall be revived from now!

Dear Yoga Mat, don't you worry. I won't be leaving you alone in that stinky, dark store room anymore. I'll have you right here in my bedroom, where I will lay you down on the floor and you will have me spreading myself all over you and we will get sticky and sweaty together more and more from now. Font size

Farah's Surprise Birthday Party

Sorta kinda failed upon us because her car wouldn't start this morning and she had initially wanted to take an emergency leave. WTF. But in the end she came and we all still had a jolly good time lepaking, although the plans didn't go as smoothly as we had planned earlier.

With birthday girl & the glaring pink birthday card I made. ZOMG I look so fat here!

All the homemade spread. I woke up at 5.00am to fry those damn noodles. KNN. Never have I been so prompt to leap out of bed after the alarm bell rang once. I didn't even hit the snooze button like how I usually do. My colleagues then remarked that I should cook for them everyday. MCH. Kena insult kau kau.

Since I've just cleaned my room+stuff, I found a lot of stuff which I had otherwise forgotten that I owned. Wore a pair of peeptoe pumps I bought from Singapore last year. And true enough, I was clearing the shoe cabinet and was surprised to find a few pair of shoes I never remember I had. Found these kitty cat earrings too so I was rockin' 'em today. Meow!!

Have no idea how to end this post so imma leave you with a totally random and wtf picture I took while leaving the pasar malam earlier tonight. Will you go have coffee/tea here?


deb said...
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deb said...

oooh, i love them cat earrings. it screams fabulosity! :D