Flavours of the night

I love love love night markets, or more affectionately known as pasar malam. My favourite is at Seri Petaling on Tuesday nights for two reasons. Firstly, adorable animal paos. Lastly, the world's best salted chicken. I just found out that the one here at Serdang has both the same stalls, which means I no longer have to drive all the way to Seri Petaling, nor having to endure the horrible smell of stinky fermented tofu there. Now I don't even have to choose between Seri Petaling and Section 17 on Tuesdays anymore (world's best asam laksa at Section 17!!!!)

Meet Bunny, Hello Kitty, Piggy, Hedgehog and Pumpkin in their assorted glory!

Don't be fooled by its simple looks. It is the most delicious, juicy and flavourful salted chicken that you can ever find. Other stalls may sell salted chicken that looks just like this, but they can only try and fail to achieve the same level of tastiness. Excuse me while I go ahead and feast on my piece of chicken. I can't type with greasy hands. omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom