Kiss my meaty ass

I read a feature in today's edition of The Star, and it talked about how we can help save the planet by skipping meat for just one day on this coming 25 November. The writer went to great lengths to try and brainwash regular meat-eating folks by describing how farm animals pollute the environment with their excessive gas emissions. Right yeah Mr. or Ms. Vegetarianism-is-holier-than-thou, I do have one question though:

If every single person on earth switched to become a vegetarian and ate leaves for the rest of our lives, where in the world are we supposed to get oxygen from then?

These vegetarian theories are pretty damn dumb, if you asked me. Before you judge me, I don't condemn vegetarianism at all. I just get peeved when these holier-than-thou peeps try to shove their beliefs down other people's throats. I don't care why you prefer to have a salad when you could be chowing down on a juicy chicken drumstick. Just don't tell me that piece of chicken is going to kill me when the earth that grows your plants is not less polluted than chicken feed. You can stick to your tofu burger as long as you want, just leave me alone with my meat-eating ways. Stop pretending as if skipping meat is a magical cure. It might be for some who have bad digestion, but leave us the freedom to judge and decide, will ya?

I get even more annoyed at some so-called Buddhists who go around preaching about vegetarianism. They say meat-eaters are cruel and kill other beings just to satisfy hunger. So harvesting a living plant does not kill it? Just because you can't hear the plant scream, doesn't mean that it isn't in pain. The most annoying part is the wide selection of "vegetarian meat" you find in almost every Chinese-run vegetarian shop. I think some other establishments have them too, but never as commercial as the Chinese ones. I thought being holy and vegetarian came with excluding the desire of wanting to eat meat, no? So why are these vegetarians being fed with mock meat and not being truly holy in the end? They aren't putting their healthy ways to practice by eating all these fried flour after all. 

I've been to a wedding lunch which served an entire banquet of vegetarian dishes. The groom's family were in some sort of a weird religion and they were staunch vegetarians. No need for me to get to the details, but the food sucked. We almost made a stop at the KFC right outside from the wedding venue right after the lunch. I was certain I could have at least a few pieces of chicken. That was the first time I never got stuffed silly from a wedding lunch/dinner. I couldn't believe that there wasn't an inch of respect for the guests from these people. You may swear off meat but if you were to ignore what everyone else preferred, then why bother inviting them? My point is simple, if you believe something is good for you, then great. Just don't go walking around trying to tell people they aren't good enough just because they don't buy into the same bullshit as you do. It's like me inviting Muslim guests for dinner and having a whole roasted pig as main course. 

Methinks I'll get quite chummy with Anthony Bourdain.