Mean muthafucking chili crab!!!

So you might've heard I ran all the way down south to our neighbouring country so I could catch Lady Gaga live in concert last week. I have to be honest that I had a blast! Never in Bolehland would we get to go gaga over Lady Gaga's perky bottom on stage. So the money spent, time wasted, sweat shed and feet ache were all worth it. The crowd may be kiasu and Lady Gaga may be late but she brought the house down. There was no doubt about that. My only regret was being too naive to trust concert organizers when they said cameras weren't allowed into the arena. I walked in and saw every other person with a camera as big as a bazooka, while I had to settle with shiteous quality videos and pictures. FML. Never will I buy into that shiz again. Or maybe I should invest in a phone with mucho better quality camera functions??

I'd like to share my favourite video from the night. I like it mostly because it sounds way better when she talks than when the music is blaring off the speakers. Yes, did I mention my phone's camera suck? Here's Lady Gaga buttering up to her fans in Singapore.

Got to spend some time catching up with friends in Singapore and they were all lovely. Couldn't be more thankful and happier for their company!! Will be treating them very well whenever they're here in town. I took part in Singapore's national sport and bought some stuff too. Not crapload of stuff but some stuff which I can't get in KL. They're either too fugly or expensive here. I've had some pretty good food too. I'm beginning to think Singaporean food actually do NOT suck. It was probably just silly lil' me not knowing where the good stuff are. Was having some drinks with friends at Vista Bistro out at the East Coast when this local duo decided to cover Lady Gaga since she was in town. They were pretty good, although I find the singer was a tad too syok sendiri. LOL.

Now I'm thinking where my next vacation spot will be. Maybe Manila?