Here is another reason why I am so in love with Lady Gaga. Her latest music video for Bad Romance absolutely rocks my socks. You have to just SHUT UP and WATCH to witness the awesomeness that is Gaga.

Apparently the single premiered at the McQueen fashion show that I blogged about earlier.

You'll never miss the fierce McQueen fashion that Lady Gaga paraded in her music video. It seems like the shoes and clothes were made just for her, or at least strongly inspired by her eccentric style. You'll have to check with McQueen to confirm that.

I know her videos are weird but aren't they just sexy as hell? She even went nekkid for it!! My two favourite scenes are when she freezes with all those diamonds in the air and the part when she shows off McQueen's glittery alien getup. You know what, I love the video so much I couldn't stop watching it and nobody can get between Gaga and me!!!!

p/s: Methinks Lady Gaga is trying to prove she doesn't have a dick when she donned that red suit at the end bit of the video. You can almost catch a glimpse of her vajayjay here.


WQ said...

yes, i love this vid too!! she rocks!!!