Counting my blessings

Human beings are one big bunch of spoiled brats in the mammal kingdom. That stands as a fact no matter how hard we try to redeem ourselves or sink further in denial. In case if you're wondering if I'm going to launch into a tirade against global warming and such, the answer is simply a "no".

Today could've been just another Monday where I join the rest of my Facebooking friends and update my status as "Ashley Liew is having Monday blues". But I am choosing not to. Before you judge me, I am not declaring myself as being more intellectually advanced than the rest of you folks. I just feel like I should be counting my blessings instead of bitching and moaning about being stuck in the office. 

I had visited a friend yesterday and came home happy. She is fighting an ailment but I am happy for her because I can see that she is doing so with much love and support. I am glad that she is not feeling lost and alone. Somewhere tucked within a corner of my cold black heart, lies a tiny spark of fear that I can never see her again nor have the chance to share my nonsensical warblings to one of the few people who actually gets me. This is starting to sound selfish because once again I managed to make it all about me. But I sincerely hope that she gets through these trying times. 

A colleague had been away from work for more than a month now. Her father is diagnosed with cancer and she immediately flew home to Philippines to care for him and be with her family. One can only admire such love and dedication from a caring daughter. I tried to contact her earlier but I guess her priorities were at the right place in the beginning. I just heard from her this morning, and I am touched by the fact that that she still manages to tell me to take care and say that she misses KL. I wonder where she got this super human strength to stay positive. 

My thoughts and prayers are with these two beautiful women and the people who love them. I wouldn't be of any help at this moment but that's the least I can do. I think I'm gonna press the pause button on procrastination today and finish my workload. I shouldn't be wasting away by moping around when there are people who are so kind and trusting to give me chances in life.