Wee wang wang

I love love love this scene from a vintage Stephen Chow movie, A Chinese Odyssey. Here, he is tempting fate by challenging the Goddess of Mercy when he disrespects both the Goddess and his Sifu. The part I love absolutely love is when he starts to describe his Sifu as being an annoying housefly that just won't stop buzzing near his ears. He goes on to correct himself and say that it was an understatement, and his Sifu was in fact an army of houseflies. More hilarity ensued when he goes into detail about how he's like to rip out his Sifu's intestines and wrap 'em around the neck.

I always quote this scene whenever I meet someone who is even half as annoying as the Sifu. The difference now is that I can finally perfect my lines and annoy some people along the process. LOL!

Anyone else who misses the good ol' slapshtick humour from Mr. Chow?