Pictures from a lan si country

This post is dedicated entirely to those who have demanded for more pictures from my trip to Hong Kong. So feast your eyes!!

My Dan Dan... MUAKS!!

On the bus to Ocean Park, passing through the infamous tunnel from Kowloon to Hong Kong

Hong Kong turf club

Ocean Park's cable system is mad!! Looks like an alien invasion don't they? The ride was bumpy and super fast. Surprisingly, my mom who's usually afraid of heights was comfy during the ride but I was a bit worried, and usually I'm the joker who shakes the cable car to scare others.

Me in Central.

I wanted to ride in these buses so badly but didn't :( Scared get lost in Hong Kong...

Mr. Bun: "I Cannot Accept Corruption"
(ICAC is Hong Kong's version of our Badan Pencegah Rasuah)

"We're Americans and we rule the world!! Everyone else can fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

From left to right: Mickey, Tranny, Minnie

My favourite Mickey character

Kinky underwear, anyone?

When old meets new

I don't know why they do it but the restaurant where I had my seafood feast has lobsters in these big plastic bottles. My mom said they were for tapau purposes. Kesian la they have to be trapped in the bottle since they were small.

Well, I don't know if I really love Hong Kong that much... But Hong Kong sure lurves me! Lol