Am I Loving It?

Trust me, I'm no food blogger. So I'll just leave it to the experts to shamelessly take photos of every grub they put into their mouth, regardless of the venue, whether a fine dining restaurant or the neighbourhood mamak stall (albeit with professional-looking food shots to entice me to go try out food at the place which is blogged about).

This morning I was early to KL Sentral since the boyfriend had to work the morning shift (I was there even before 8am okay?) and decided why not I grab breakfast to go from the newly opened Subway outlet? Off I went to the information counter since the Subway bunting was useless 'cause it didn't say where the outlet was, it just had a few pictures of some sandwiches on it and told passerbys that it is now open in KL Sentral (wtf). Unfortunately (or should I say fortunate, keep on reading) Subway is only open from 8am so the shutters were still not up yet. I had to turn back out and pass by McDonald's, which I didn't really pay attention to at first. Then I saw another bunting in front of the golden arches and saw something really amazing. McDonald's Hotcakes is in Malaysia!!!!!!!! Finally... So I had to tapau and get a taste of what us Malaysians have been deprived of in the yummylicious world of fast food all these while. I ordered the Hotcakes set with sausage (not the long ones, the flat and round ones). The set comes with a piece of hashbrown and coffee or tea. The cup for hot drinks are slightly bigger this time around. No pictures 'cause I don't carry a camera with me nowadays. Tried to yank an image off the local McDonald's website but it's so not updated. No information or promotions on the new item at all. Anyways, I wouldn't say the pancakes taste like they're blasting me through the roof, but it was decent enough. Nice and fluffy. But three pieces of those with a sausage is a little heavy. Not to mention the hashbrown. But their hashbrowns are always good. Mmmm...

Last evening me and the boyfriend went to have claypot chicken rice at Pudu. The stall beside Maybank. If you're looking for good claypot chicken rice, this is the stall you should go and try out. They use charcoal to cook the rice so when you get your pot, you'll see that the rice is evenly cooked. I love it 'cause there was no hint of aweful burnt smell that we usually get from the cookie-cutter claypot chicken rice stalls. Even the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot didn't really taste burnt at all. Wish there was a little bit more of salted fish though. Don't really mind the 'lap cheong' (Chinese wax sausages) 'cause I'm not a big fan anyways. They throw in a few pieces of chicken internal parts, something you don't find elsewhere. I loved the one piece of gizzard I found but threw out everything else. It's not like they put in that many anyways. We ordered veges, and I must say their oyster sauce tasted much better than the ones I've had anywhere else. They had soup too but we didn't order any or else we couldn't finish our food. Again, no pictures. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to snap pictures at roadside stalls, without having the fear of uncles or aunties beating me up. I reckon a shot of the uncle working around his stoves would be great, with the flames and all. Argh... Ok la. I shall work hard on my guts.

How to get to the claypot chicken rice stall you ask? Coming along Jalan Pudu on Times Square's side of the road, go down until you see Caltex. There is a Maybank a bit further and you should turn left before Maybank. Then you can see the stall on your left. Car park is a bit of a nuisance here so you gotta be slick at finding a spot. There are parking lots further to the back but you can't the avoid the touts. So just be shameless and park at the back of other people's shoplots. Most of them are off-work in the evening anyways.