If I believed in new year resolutions

Let's see... If by any chance that I would buy into this whole 'new year's resolution' bullshit, what can I do to make things better?

1) Spend more time to improve communication channels with the family

2) Exercise more

3) Spend less money

4) Save up more money

5) Drink more water

4) Eat more fruits

5) Go for more facials

6) Smile more

7) Be less angry

8) Be more friendly to stangers

9) Be less bitchy to annoying individuals

I guess that's it. I'm not gonna start whining about things that are out of my control because they just simply are. I like the quote on deb's blog. It says,

"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"

I'm 22 this year. I'm no longer a teenager. But I still miss telling people that I'm only 17. That was five years ago. A lot has come and pass me by in a span of five years. In another 14 hours, it'll be a new year. That's it... Just another new year. Not a new beginning for me. Things will never have a fresh new start even when the clock strikes 12. The pain will still linger, and the growth will turn malign. Words that are spoken can never be taken back, and will continue to hurt. Money can never be enough and we keep breaking our backs trying to sow the roots of evil. Happiness is something we keep in our hearts, thinking that we will find it someday. But there can never be a truly happy life. We can only find brief moments to feel slightly happy, a few seconds stolen amidst the craziness, giving us hope and keeping us hooked to an unfulfilled desire for true bliss.

What are we looking for in this life? Why do people hold on to meaningless relationship which has no pulse beating for the longest time? Why do people tell blatant lies? Why can't we make each other's life less of a bitch, even if we can't keep them happy? Why can't human beings be more responsible and care about each other's feelings? Can we ever be less selfish?

Forget about losing weight. My resolution is to be less selfish. It's my only answer to every question in my head and the only medicine for my pain.