Tranquility in the war zone

So many people have been clearing their annual leaves and that means the office is much quieter than usual. Not really though, I can hear people talking more loudly since there's less people around and there aren't so much of peace and quiet anymore. Don't see a lot of people walking around and everyone else who came in to work today are feeling slow and haggard. Even my boss came in this morning and told us that she's feeling lazy. And she's a workaholic! It's that bad. The holiday bug has bitten everyone's ass. I guess I'll just spend the day going through pages and pages of words and spot for grammatical errors. That's the most relaxing work I can think of yet. OMG wtf do they have to block my favourite websites? I'm gonna rot to death today. Arrrggghhhhhh........

Gonna have lunch with Mr. Bun, deb deb and Miss World today. YAY!! It's been so long since I saw debbie long legs. I met Miss World a couple of weeks back when I was clubbing at Zeta Bar. My god she lost weight and looks hawt! Not that she was clubbing. She was at work. And no, she does not work at Zeta Bar. I'm bringing the girls for some curry mee and I hope it packs a punch. I eat at the noodle stall almost every morning and they never have the curry mee ready in the mornings. But their stuff are delicious so I have faith in their currylism.

Something sad happened to me last week. Left my watch in the office and it got stolen. I thought it was misplaced so I tried searching. But to no avail. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank goodness my dear dear loves me so much and now I have a new watch. A Titus! *muaks* Now I gotta cook 100 homecook meals in return. Pretty good deal eh?

Can't wait for the Christmas party we're having tomorrow! I've got the most awesome gift ever and I'm anxious to show it off! I think the person receiving it will be utterly impressed. Just thinking about the amount of hao I had to pull off to get my hands on the present makes me shiver. I normally don't succumb into pulling off these sort of behaviour but this episode has shown me that these kinda stuff works. Even if I hate doing it.

Just less than 2 weeks to a new year. I don't find myself asking if I'm ready to face a new chapter like how I did last year. Maybe because I'm already put in place. Things at work are still very much a challenge and have not been monotonous. There's so much more room for changes and growth. And I'm looking forward to that. Wonder if I can finally work on my people's skills? PEOPLE people PeOpLe pEoPlE pEOplE PEopLE peOPle PeoPLE pEOPle PeoplE pEOPle peOpLE PeoPLe


waiquan said...

merry christmas :)

Ashley Liew said...

Hey... You have a happy Christmas too!