From Muar with Love

Mr. Bun says I left out a cup of tea in the total amount of RM5.70. So you imagine lah how economical the meal was!

Excuse this post for being one day late. The weekend ended a day ago but I just got the photos from Mr. Bun this morning.

We were in Johor the past weekend for one of his friend's wedding. Passed by Muar so the boyfriend proudly brought me around to show me the town he grew up in. It's amazing to see how such a small town with just a few roads have sooooo much of great food. I only tried some, and yearning for more! But it's okay, the boyfriend promised lots of more great food the next trip down south. Food pics ahead!!

Chicken rice ball ala Muar style. Can you believe it that both of us had two rice balls each + a plate of chicken, and the bill only came to RM5.70? Gosh... I can't even get a decent meal with that amount of money in KL.

This is some world-class stuff here. Famous Muar otak-otak. I've never had any in KL. But I can tell I've had the best just from Mr. Bun and my colleagues' reactions. There are fish and prawn flavours. Tastes kinda same to me cos they're spicy as hell, but I like the prawn ones better cos I get to chew on the tiny little shrimps. And now I'm the Muar otak-otak girl who everyone wants to tumpang buy whenever I go down *swt*

No, I wasn't in Penang. Look back at the title of this post. Muar's not famous for oyster omelette (orh chien) but this stall draws the crowd. Don't ask me where it is. I'm bad with the roads there. You gotta bribe Mr. Bun for him to tell.

We find bliss in the simplest things in life. People (including us) were queueing up for this red bean ice (hong tou ping) for at least half an hour. It was so good that some bastard jumped queue for it. Doesn't look too fancy eh? Unlike the usual rainbow coloured ABC we get everyday... You'll know why everyone else loves it once you put a spoonful into your mouth and start to chew. Trust me.

Lastly, a simple plate of good ol' char kuey teow. It's not just a Penang specialty you know? ;)

But the best is still home cooked food. Prepared with a huge sprinkle of love and care. Mr. Bun's mom tapaued a big tupperware of porky for me to eat at home. Delicious stuff. And I just had mom's cooking for dinner. All together now... BURPPPP!!!!!!!!


deb said...

ashleyyy! u're killing me with those pics!