I got love from Manchester

Deb... I've camwhored with my Christmas gift!! Channeling Posh Spice, Rihanna and Katie Holmes, all in one! Lol

Thanks Darshini and Deborah for the gigantic pink peepers!

Darshini, have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you're having a blast. This would be your first official Christmas in England, I think. So have a blast. Don't forget to go shop until you drop. How I wish we have such sales back here in KL.

Deb, you're probably just reaching Doha by now. Hope you had a great time while back at home. Although we only met for curry mee, we'd still have time for kulfi when you come back next time.

Love you girls xoxo


deb said...

haha! ashley! memang sama la! posh/katie holmes. canggih canggih! :) keep it up!

thanks to mr bun for the curry mee! it was yummy!


Ashley Liew said...

In bebe's words: HAPPENING!!


I shall forward your thanks to MISS bun. Hehe...