Absence does make the heart grow fonder

If filial piety was an examination subject, I would fail miserably. It was just four days ago and she'll be back in another two days' time. But I woke up this morning not remembering my dream, head filled only with thoughts making me realise... This is the part of me I'm missing. Always there, but constantly thrown aside for superficial things that falsely seem better. I know loneliness is an unbearable feeling, but yet I tempt the days of being left alone to chase after me... Much like flashing my bare ass to an angry and hungry pack of wild wolves, screaming "Eat me!", before realising it's all too late to find an escape. Things and people we take for granted are always the most precious gifts in our lives. Just because we get clean water by just turning the tap, would only we realise we'd die without our supply. The thought and fear never crossing the mind if it never happened. I had a close call. All my fault. I'm still trying. I hope I can be better. I want to be. I know I need help. Which is why I broke down and asked. I'm trying everyday.