Tis' the season to be jolly?

As I sit here post-work on a Sunday afternoon, my mind is collecting the unpleasant thoughts brought back from within the office as well as out of the office. It is now December, and after December has come and gone, it will mark my first year of work. What a oompaloompa year it has been!! Forgive the melancholic tone, I'm caught up with some ugly mess at the moment and I still can't quite figure out how to settle it. I guess problems are brought to their own demise when time passes, but it sure feels damn depressing while I'm still stuck in the moment.

2007 is so much different than how 2006 was. It seems like it was just yesterday that I went Christmas shopping with Amy at Times Square while she accompanied me for my second interview. Oh, did I ever tell you guys that I went in my jeans and I swear I could've lost the chance 'cause my boss was shocked that I wasn't dressed appropriately? But I'm there for a year already anyway, haha! So walking around the mall and seeing all the Christmas decos reminds me so much of the days before I was working. It's only been one year and I swear at some days I feel so jaded. Like I'm gonna kill myself after being diagnosed with hypertension. Sounds dramatic? Yeah, but it's only true after you're stuck in the office from dawn till dark everyday. Thank goodness for weekends. A friend once told me that he doesn't even know what's a weekend anymore. But his case is very much different. He owns his own bloody company. He doesn't deserve any day off 'cause he's earning so much more. Haha!

This job has taught me so much, and I'm still learning a lot from it. Most important lesson learned is how people who seem to be our best friend end up being backstabbers. And people who seem to make life difficult are not really that bad anyway. And yes, I've got plenty of challenges and issues that I must learn to overcome. Apparently I've been named as a politician. Aahhh... Siri Drama Minggu Ini. That's how some people keep things alive in the office. I wonder if my backaches are caused by stress, or a ghost sitting on my back like in 'Shutter' (the Thai ghost movie) or from all those backstabbing. Could be a combination of all three.

I've been told over and over again by people who care that I must learn to control my tone of voice and work on my facial expressions. At home, I'm a spoiled biatch. At work, I'm a little bit of everything or nothing at all, depending on who you're speaking with. Some may know me as a sweetie pie or some may call me a moody cow. Or a mad bitch who bites. It really depends on who you're talking to. I don't fit into just one mold. So... Do I make this as my new year's resolution? To polish up on my people's skills... It's hard, but I do have to really work on it. But I sure ain't gonna be the fake slut who says hello and hugs every person she meets on the street. You can count on that.


Amy said...

Don't you worry gurl...we got your back. After all, what are friends for? :)

Ashley Liew said...

Hey there queen! Thanks for the lift. You should gto online more often. Or call me more. Miss ya!