Dinner @ Chef & Brew

Been celebrating a couple of friends' birthdays recently, but I'd just like to blog about this place called Chef & Brew that we went for Sue Ling's birthday. I can tell you that the food here is nothing much to shout about. But the deco and ambience wasn't too bad. And thank god for those cute butter flowers!! Even though the waiters were very friendly, but they were kinda annoying because they were too hurried to clear of our tables... Even before we had actually cleared up our plates. Seems like the restaurant didn't have enough plates to use -.-"

Toasted bread and super cute butter flowers as entreés.

Deep fried sotong

Mango and shrimp cocktail

Birthday girl peeking into the camera behind the mokkalattay

Grilled Bombay chicken

Baked fish supreme'o

Spaghetti seafood

C&B club sandwich

Hainanese chicken chop

Try to guess which one of the dishes was mine. Mr. Bun could only get the right answer after three attempts! Even after I gave him a freaking obvious hint -.-" Eh why am I sweating twice for this post ah? Weather's not hot. It's raining very heavily as I am typing this in. Am very sleepy after just coming back from Sunway Pyramid. The new wing is such a bore! Gotta go now. Gonna get my bones twisted and cracked at the massage parlour. Sounds like such a dirty place isn't it? But it's not dirty at all lah. Btw, for anyone wondering how to get to Chef & Brew, it's at Plaza Damansara at Bukit Damansara. Kinda nice place to sit around to talk about cocks and bulls despite a few things that set it back from many other restaurants out there.