A beautiful song ruined

I love Home by Michael Buble. I fell in love with his voice with this song. The song even made me cry. You know la... When feeling lonely, kinda empty and with a dash of emo-ness. Always pulls a little string in my haert when I hear this song. It just makes me feel... I can't really find a way to describe it. It's a beautiful song, but it makes you heartbroken. And you kinda feel Buble's emo-ness in his voice too.

But I heard this on the radio last night. Imagine the horror and trauma I went through. It was extremely disturbing. I couldn't stop ranting about how bad it was to Mr. Bun. Even took out my CD and let him listen to the original version. And good enough, he hated what was played on the radio too.

I guess this is one of the instances when people try to remake one's work and fail miserably at it. Westlife sucks. I suck too. But I'm not remaking anything with my failures. Ahhhhh... This is not supposed to be a complaint post. I'll just stop here *zips mouth*