First time blogging from new office PC

Oh I didn't update about the good news. I'm no longer stuck with the old-age machine which I cannot identify if there's any Pentium processor. The point is, I no longer have to bear with that thing lah! I have a new PC!! With built-in speakers so I can listen to songs sometimes. With a black keyboard and I love black keyboards! Too bad there's no flat screen :( But things are so much better now that I can't even complain anymore. Not really, I hate those new Microsoft softwares. Word 2007?? It's practically from another world. Now I've figured out how to use it. Did I mention I can finally use my thumb drive? Geez...

I'll be on holiday in two days' time. How good does that sound? Absofuckingly great!! I'll be by the beach... But I don't think I can don a bikini this time around. Not fat lah... It should be around that time of the month, if you know what I mean. So I'll just spend days dozing off on a hammock (if there's any) and read. I'm so kiksemkiksemkiksem cannot wear my white bikini. I bought it and never worn it once. I do have an issue with it though. Scared got wardrobe malfunction. I don't want to show my goodies off to Langkawi beach boys and my friends. They'll probably cast me off or throw me into the Dayang Bunting lake and not save me from drowning **help*gulpgulp***help me!*gulppppp*****bubble bubble bubble**bye bye assley!!

If God forbids me to go up the Mount Mat Cincang and take pictures of the breathtaking view... I'm so gonna be pissed off. Who wouldn't be? Two visits (equals to two years) and I still don't have the privilege to be spellbounded. Mch. Not even Mr. Bun can stop me. I have a new Canon and I wanna put it to good use. Just to share... I don't actually know the name of the mountain until I start working here. And if you still need to ask why? means you don't know me well. But that's not a crime anyways. Only to a handful of people, it is though. And no, I'm not staying there. I'm on holiday for god's sake, not going there for work. It's not like I get super low room rates anyways. So I'll be a chocolate importer for a day. But it's important to keep people around me happy and round. Lol!

I happily took out the chocolate bar a colleague gave me after his return from an event at Langkawi a month or two back. Suddenly had a chocolate craving. When I ripped the aluminium foil open, it was kinda strange cos the chocolate didn't look like the usual. But I went ahead to break off a piece and took a bite. It tasted awful. Shit awful. How can chocolate be so damn disgusting? And chocolates don't just expire in a month. The I realized the box had this written on it... 'VOBLERONE". Mch. I threw the whole bar into the bin. Awful, imitation chocolate don't deserve to see another day of light *SUPER ANGRY** To balance out my anger, I gorged a tube of my chocolate-flavoured Petit Plus. Yummy! And now I feel so stuffed.