Veli sepesel day

So it's that dreadful day of the year again. It never meant anything to me, but I must say... I had some pretty interesting events unfolding for me today.

Firstly, I woke up this morning and suddenly felt like cleaning up my computer table. So I did. Was going through the papers in my plastic folder before I throw them away, and guess what I found? Don't have to be so creative with your answers la... I found old love letters. Of course I threw them away! Meluat... Out of 365 days a year, I have to find these things today. Really suey!

Secondly, my Art Director enquired about my status. Not financial status. What other status can he ask about on Valentine's Day right? But it wasn't for his own use, he's married with a baby girl. He was asking me what I thought about his friend, this dunno what Finance Manager or Director or something. Wanted to hitch us up. Kept on promoting the good qualities of this guy to me. But I don't think I'm gonna give it a go. He's 30+ la. Where can? I know mature guys are better and more reliable, but it's so hard to accept someone so much older, more so the fact that I don't even know or speak to him. It's gonna be so hard for me to even speak to him from now on. Geli... Don't you think it's kinda weird that he's such a great guy (as advertised) but is still single up to this day? Why didn't the pat kung introduce my much age-appropriate (in other words - OLD) and still single colleague? I think she desperately needs to get laid. Something's wrong with her mind. Anyway, I'm gonna come up with a counter-attack tomorow against the pat kung and ask him to tie these two up together instead. Even if he didn't sound as weird, I wouldn't want a guy without the balls to even talk to me. Can even gossip with the pat kung after I finished my session. Dunno what the fark they talked about me... Oh, and my mom so not understands her daughter. She was actually up for the whole idea. Talk about parents who can't wait to get their children hitched. Hrmph!

Thirdly, I helped my male colleague to shop for Valentine gifts. Everything very nice and cheap. If I didn't teman him, sure the fella so kesian cannot find what he wanted to give to his girlfriend. Thank goodness for Cupid Ashley.

Fourthly, a sesat cab stopped in front of my house about 20 minutes ago. At first, I thought it was my brother who took the cab home. Then the cabbie came down and yelled something. Me, my mom and dad looked out to see what was happening. Then the cabbie said he was delivering flowers. My heart nearly skipped a beat.

"Wuah... I really have a secret admirer." - My inner monolouge.

But mana tau... The cabbie wanted to go to Jalan Rafflesia. I live on Jalan Cendana. KNS. If you want directions, just ask for directions la. Don't say you're delivering flowers, then only say you can't find this road. Bodoh.

So there. Valentine's Day for me this year was not so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

kekeke....d cabbie part damn funny rite? it sounds like excited plus desperate and comes with dissapointment...oh man..haha! anyway, itz something to be rmmbred..hapie valentinez day aite!

WQ said...