Pig Out in Penang

I went, I saw and I ate 'til my stomach grew. Time for a diet before the convo...

This dish is called 'steamed groupa with pan mee'. I forgot the name of the restaurant. It's along the row of shops opposite Queensbay Mall. Right beside this shop with Pucca on its signboard.

Next stop was Swatow Lane, to the New World Food Court.

Sotong and Jellyfish with Kangkong. Damn syiok!

"Orh Chien". Niceeeee...

Why can't we have ABC's that taste like this in KL?

This was a humiliation to laksas on the whole island.

The weather was scorching hot. Coconut juice was perfect to cool down the heat

We had breakfast at Restaurant Zim Sum on Jalan Anson (opposite KDU) on the second day. This dim sum place is huge. It's a food court with performances by scantily-dressed chicks at night. The siew paus and egg tarts are deeelicioussss. Sumore they came right out of the stove. Yummm... "Ha mai" and fried chicken were nice. The rest, like the yam basket, paper-wrapped curry chicken, "siew mai" and "ha kau" were so-so.

Wan tan mee was simply gorgeous

Walked around Penang for a bit. We were all dead tired from the heat. Could really melt if we were made of wax. Chin dragged us to this coffee shop directly opposite Penang Chinese Girl's High School for laksa. He and his wifey were dead on serious about it being the best laksa of the whole island. I kinda liked it, but I only had a little. 'Cause I was still very full from the dim sum in the morning. And I ate two slices of watermelon right after coming from the Botanical Garden.

There's this row of houses right outside from the Botanical Garden, apparently Karpal Singh lives there as well. We saw two Indian fellas rip off the railing from the main gate of one of the houses. Then those fellas just sped off on their bike with the loot. The most ironic thing is that all the houses had big ass 'Rakan Cop' posters in front of their houses. So much for a successful anti-crime programme eh?

Next stop was to lepak at Tanjong Bunga. A lesson I learnt was to never wear heels to the beach. But then again, it's not as if I had other choices. I would wear sandals and then go barefeet if I knew I was going to the beach and had more space in my bag.

This house looks pretty normal right? But it's currently topping my wishlist. You may wonder why...

It's because the backyard looks like this.

I stayed at Toh Seng's brother's house. Nice place. My favourite bit of the house was the fridge. I've seen many people collect magnets and stick those on their fridges, but they have the coolest collection I've seen so far. The mini liquor bottles have real liquor in them. Don't the masks and cuckoo clock look absolutely cute?

Traffic back to KL was smooth. Thank goodness. But I was tired and sleepy at work. Distracted at most times. I came back with a fall. An emotional one. Sigh... There's always a boo-boo to every happy story, isn't there?