Proud to be Herself?

I've been contemplating this for a while, and I'm still undecided up to this point. Many people have told me not to read that brainless Singaporean bitch's blog, but I still do just for the heck of it. Even Deb and Darshini told me not to! Which bitch? That one who was blonde so she could feel like she's one of the white race and somehow is now sporting a blue-black hair colour, mebbe because she's already has a white boyfriend and there's no need to pretend anymore?

I didn't even bother to diss about her when she blogged about how it was alright to be raped by a man just because he's good looking... And white. And no... Posting up a defence after making it a point that you don't care what other people think about your views, time and time again, doesn't help in making you clear up your case. But I just read her latest entry, and despite how lovey-dovey she seemed over her (I guess, visually impaired 'cause he ended up with her) boyfriend, she was whining about how unfair it was for white people to have coloured eyes, and other races don't. How stupid can that be? My eyes are dark brown. Isn't dark brown a colour? Is that bodoh, or is that simply bodoh? She's got a lot of posts which angered a lot of people, but I never read those before. So this was the one that made me really sick. Has the chemicals from all the hair-dye she uses damaged her already puny brain? Or was it just the classic case of bad genetics? Or bad parenting? Her parents prolly never taught her how to lover herself, and her fellow racial members. Get a life, self-hating + self-denial bitch.

P/S: At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite myself, her link is still up 'cause I might continue reading her blog... For entertainment from anger, I guess. No clue about what other purpose it serves.