Busy as a Bee

Despite all the fucked-up-ness I had to endure yesterday, it was still a great day. I learnt that given time, people will eventually reveal their true self. A colleague I used to think was nice and cool, isn't really what she seems at all. I can see through the facade now. Thank God for a new and more real person. She's more of a WYSIWYG. I prefer that. And we can totally have a bitching session together and release our frustrations. I learnt that the path I've chosen, isn't familiar at all. I still so have so much to learn. Thank God for a good boss who's willing to teach and train me, to say the least. Thank God for meeting with some inspirational people along the way.

So we did some more media visits yesterday. Had the opportunity to rub shoulders and even had a friendly debate with two of the editors from Star. They're a real great bunch of people, I must say. Must be the big and nice office... Makes them all happy. Wong Sai Wan is probably coming up with a sequel to why modern women can't get married soon. Pity the fella, had to dodge our shower of bullets. Met Jennifer Ong from World Asia, and she gave me more reasons on why I should stay strong to build my career path. Not directly to me though, but I felt her passion for her work very inspiring. Yalah... A bit long-winded but it was all about the passion for work. I'm so looking forward for this year's HAPA.

We had a late dinner at Vansh, this really cool Indian restaurant in Starhill Gallery. My colleague, June used to work there. I'm gonna apologize now for not remembering the name of the dishes. Was too caught up with eating. Lol. It was difficult to take the pictures already, especially the pics outside of Vansh. Apparently pictures aren't allowed. And kesian my boss and colleagues. Have to wait for me to finish taking pictures before eating. And because of that, I couldn't concentrate taking perfect pictures la. Some ended up blur.

Vansh means 'The latest addition to the family". The manager, John hooked with us up with some wicked dishes. And the best part is, everything was on the house at the end of the night. Muahahaha...

They call this the "cigar". John explained why they call it cigar is because of the "fire" you taste after eating it. At first I thought smoke will come up after biting onto it, but I understood what he meant after eating. Really power!! This stuff is not available in Malaysia, so they got it imported. From where, I forgot. So I guess that means you can't get it anywhere else. There are three dips for it: Mint yoghurt, Chilli and another yoghurt I forgot what it's called. I like the one I forgot.

Mutton lovers, beware! Their award-winning lamb shanks will get you Addicted. Spelled with a capital "A" 'cause it's just so darn good. The meat is tender and juicy, but yet firm at the same time. Not to mention it was full of flavour.

The "Indian pizza". No cheese. Because it's not really a pizza after all.

This is simply an exciting dish to tease your tastebuds. My boss described it as a burst of vodka in the mouth. I call it my "fake vodka". June mentioned they have the real thing. I gotta try the real vodka one in the future.

My drink. I forgot the name. Something something masala. It's got mint, pineapple and something else I forgot. Very refreshing. Great for the coming drought. And it wasn't even served with ice! But next time, I wanna try the one my boss had. Kinky drink. It's called "Karma Sutra". Lol.

Look at the decor. So pretty. The walls are replicas of the mud walls in India. They can't make the real thing here so it's just a replica lor.

So we walked around Feast Village for a bit. It was such a beautiful place. I was happily taking pictures while they were walking ahead of me. Then June told me that I wasn't actually allowed to take pictures. So I kept my camera before anyone tried to mess with me.

The best part of the night was the washroom. If you come to Feast Village, you gotta come to the washroom. Come and you will know what I mean. No explanations needed. And entrance is FOC.

You don't have to worry about the shy-high parking fees when you come to Starhill Gallery. It's only RM5 after 6p.m. Beats Sg. Wang and a whole lot of shopping complexes in KL city. And just like how my boss described, there's no punk girls with leotards running around here. Many people would appreciate that.

In the meantime, I'm so guilty of conflict of interest with this entry. But I don't care. I'm just sharing my personal experience. Can't wait to go to Tiffin Bay next time!