I question myself... "Who am I?"

Am I the self-loathing and world-hating bitch who's filled with unconditional rage for every talking thing in the planet?

Am I the love-filled homegirl who just can't grow up, who can't seem to find her own liberty in this big, big world?

Am I nothing, but yet everything in between, all at the same time?

Do I have a loving family who loves me for me, and friends who knows me best?

I may once had, and most probably still do, but that doesn't keep me from taking things for granted. I have a tendency to do so.

Why is it that I whine and pine for things I can't have, but ignore about things that are most precious around me?

Why is that I procrastinate, when I can get work done in a matter of minutes?

Human beings are complicated creatures. I'm a perfect sample of this twisted population. I want to embrace my flaws and put them on display for the world to see, but I'm told they hurt people's feelings and I should keep them away.

Tell me, how can I find my true identity without having to betray the real me? How can I be nice, still with a little kick from the spice? Is it too hard for me to just try, or the world has asked too much from me? Sometimes the effort has to come from both sides. And I await the day when I go crazy, as two worlds collide.