Graduation = Celebration?

Who cares about a stupid ceremony anyway? I have an awesome job now :p

Actually, I do care. It's the day when all my pent-up emotions come surging and well up my tear ducts. When the right moment comes, happy (and sad) tears will come flowing down my cheeks, feeling so relieved for finally achieving a milestone in my life. Feeling proud about myself for making it through these four difficult (and amazing) years. Feeling lucky for meeting some of the most wonderful human beings, whom turn from unimates to buddies and lecturers to friends. Feeling relieved that I didn't screw up my studies and end up disappointing my parents, despite the other disappointments I commit. This is gonna be a BIG day.

My dear friends who are graduating with me... Let's camwhore to the max!!

After 17 March 2007, my life goes back to dedicating myself to BHR. I am now. And I'm loving every single moment of it. Learning to build up my foundation in my job is not easy, but definitely crucial and cool, if you can see the importance of it.

P/S: My secret Convocation fantasy... To have "Don'cha" by Pussycat Dolls on full volume blast on the sound system while I'm walking up the stage to get my scroll. Kinda like I'm walking up to accept a Grammy awards. Muahahaha... So Rock&Roll.