Riding up north

Pearl of the Orient... Here I come!!

So jakun... As if never went to Penang before. Sumore only going on Friday. But I still can't wait. Meeting up with friends and getting angpows. Most exciting of all... Penang food! Char kuey teow, assam laksa... You better watch out. My stomach is bloated like a pregnant cow's belly right now but I can still think about eating all these food. No wonder no guy wants me :(

Anyhoo... Today was the first time I ever felt like I hated going to work. Seriously. Everyone else are still on holiday but I gotta drag my ass up from bed and go to work. Didn't even do my own work today. Had to finish up someone else's unfinished work just because she's on leave. If cannot finish own work then don't go on leave la! KNS. Sumore can go to Singapore... As if she's willing to shop there. So kiamsap punya people. Go there also waste breath. ^&$^&$%*%&$#

I hope tomorrow's gonna be better. There's the lion dance troupe visiting the office, and planned 'Ghost Rider' after-work outing at IMAX. Sleepy like hell but I'm not letting my body have the rest it desperately needs.