Take A Guess

Would you judge that I am typing this entry with a mourning face? That I carry the heavy burden of work from the office back home, a place where work stress is unwelcomed? Possibly so, as I have not been talking about very positive things about work lately. As I grow day by day, I find less ways to make myself cheerful amidst the miserable days I go through. Worst is when small headaches accumulate and grow into a piercing migrane. Well, I'm not literally speaking about headaches and migraines here.

But alas, all is well. It's only typical of me to be a pessimist when things don't come my way. And more than often, my mind makes up worst case scenarios, of situations which I fear most would happen.

It's weird that I feel somewhat patriotic today. Not patriotic in a sense that I'd like to set my handphone ringtone to 'Negaraku', but I've been thinking about what makes me truly Malaysian and how my fellow countrymates stand out from the rest of the world.

Ask any person you meet on the street, read any articles in a travel magazine or google any webpage that give travel tips about Malaysia, and you are bound to be introduced to its food galore. Apart from the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers, we are probably best known for satay, bak kut teh and roti canai. Oh look, I've even managed to assemble the three famous dishes of the three main races of Malaysia. So typically Malaysian of me. If you ask me, I could not identify with any other elements of Malaysia which I love, other than the food. There's really no other place which fits everything so nicely like this melting pot. You can't even find it in the neighbouring country down south. I can't understand how such close proximity can still hinder them from stealing a good recipe or two.

Keep a careful eye when you attempt to cross any Malaysian streets. You'll never know when a motorist or even any driver of a much bigger vehicle might just pull off an illegal U-turn. I saw an angmoh nearly escaped death this evening when this stupid motorist blatantly did a U-turn at the super busy crossroad of Jalan Imbi, Jalan Pudu and Jalan Hang Tuah. Not to mention in front of a traffic policeman too! And of course the dutiful traffic policeman didn't see the motorist... He was too busy looking after the traffic. Local traffic policemen have such amazing talents, you know? They have the uncanny ability to multiply the number of cars on the streets, making it seem like the city is much more fast-paced and prosperous than it really is.

Let me share a piece of my mind with you. I saw those Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) policemen taking practise last Friday morning while I was walking to work; I walk past Bukit Aman almost every morning. And today I realised why they did so... Because of the street rally that HINDRAF had on Saturday. Which also explains why 1U was so quiet when I was there on Saturday. Anyways, I was thinking... The FRU must be so damn efficient and well-trained. They only need to rehearse a day before any planned street rally. We really should send them off to Pakistan to help. Malaysia Boleh!!!

What else? My mind is slowly sending signals to my entire body, mostly to my eyelids, telling me to call it a day. Stop looking at the damn computer screen!! I guess I'm just inspired by the upcoming general elections. Now we all get to see free freak shows of politicians and those alike, walking around fishing for votes and delivering empty promises to those who are dumb enough to buy their lies. I'm not a registered voter this year, whoever thought the parliament would be dissolved this year? The term is not up yet, if you count from the last elections. And I can't be bothered when the nearest post office to my place doesn't support the system to let me register as a voter. The government should come serve me, not the other way round. Maybe you guys who are eligible to vote should keep this point in mind before you decide which box to cross. But we all understand it's hard. The rich parties can't be bothered to keep you satisfied, and the opposition parties aren't rich enough to even try.

So there's no need to guess. Sometimes we don't want them to win because we're so pissed off. But deep down inside we don't want them to lose either, because we know they will never. Choose wisely in 2008, if you really care and are patriotic. I can't, but I certainly would if I could.