Big Girls Don't Cry

Left a messy trail of blood on the floor
As I crawl my way through the door
Cuts and bruises all over my pride
No words to describe the confusion I feel inside

Look to my left
I see people full of pretense
Glance to my right
There is only a dead end

Keep it together...
I tell myself
And voices of those who are close
Telling me to take charge of my responsibilities
There is no winners or losers in this game
Certainly no time and place to inflict pain

Whatever lessons I've learned
Takes more than just a pinch of salt to swallow
Is humility the road I'm willing to go?

Learning it never hurts being too careful
Throw away the selfishness
Take in the advices
Confused by what's right and what's wrong
Just blindly playing along

They say time will heal
It better will
I'm not content with my defeat
I'll show the world I'm not full of sh*t