Starry skies

I don't know if it's kiasuism or just overrated marketing strategies. Gwen Stefani is coming to Kay-el in a few days and is actually counting down the days until her concert -.-"

I read that Justin Timberlake's coming in October. Can't wait!! Mr. Bun promised to sponsor me front row tickets and I'm just waiting to throw my bra on-stage to Justin's face. So cute la Mr. Bun merajuk when I told him that. Then I made him smile by saying he can save time when we reach home, me sans bra. Lol.

Quite impressive concerts and artists coming to our shores this year, no? Then I read this: Not a big fan but it's still a pretty big thing for us kiasu beasts when you say Beyonce's coming here for a concert. I'll be in Langkawi by then. Nyek nyek!

When is Chester coming??? Along with his bandmates, I mean. Hehe...