Hungry in Hong Kong

Sorry for the delay guys. Internet at home's fucked up and I don't have the time to screw Telekom Malaysia yet. Blogging from Mr. Bun's pc now and I've so much to share with you. The trip was great and I saw many interesting things and some not so interesting. Can't be blogging about every single detail or else I'll die. So I'm just gonna talk about the food!! Who doesn't love food? Anyway, I did manage to go the Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong, so if you see me, ask me about how I got free tickets to Disneyland. Haha... I never thought I had such charm :p

Ham and cheese burger.

Grilled chicken burger. Why can't we have these kickass burgers in McDonald's Malaysia? By the way, the staff in Hong Kong has really cool McD uniforms as well. They have exclusive McD jeans!

Roasted goose drumstick and roasted suckling pig at Hankow Road. So good that it's even better than those expensive roasted stuff the so-called high class Chinese restaurants serve here. I forgot the name of the restaurant 'cause I wrote it in my notebook but don't have it with me now. It's opposite HMV though.

Puddings galore at one of the many dessert shops at Mong Kok.

Hmph deb deb... Don't think I can't get Krispy Kremes by myself ah!!

Eating grilled octopus in the middle of busy Mong Kok is absolutely fantastic, especially when the octopus tastes good!!

Not so nice street stall food. Their fishballs are so overrated.

Breakfast on the second day was at Metropol Restaurant, located at Level 4 of United Centre. If you wanna get here, take the MRT to Admiralty station and get out at exit D. Let me tell you, they use huge prawns here and they're really fresh too. The siew mai was heavenly... Definitely tops my list of favourite food. They had crab roe on top which bursts like tiny bombs between your teeth when you chew on 'em. The char siew pau was good too. Could really taste the fresh meat, unlike the processed ones we get here. Ha kau was okay, would be perfect if the skin was less thick. Chee cheng fun was good 'cause the prawns were big but the sauce was a little bit too bland. This place claims to not use any MSG or any food colouring, just try it yourself to see if it's true.

Bistro La Fourchette in Pacific Place. Didn't wanna eat at such places... Would rather do something local but no choice la. There was such limited choices of food in the complex. The sandwiches were great, but the creme brulee was not too good. Too thick on the top.

Dinner on the second day was beef brisket noodles at this small shop at Temple Street. They used dried scallops to make the broth and it was absofuckingly orgasmic. Why can't we have beef noodles like this in KL???????????

Had a seafood dinner on the third day at Lung Tang Seafood Restaurant in Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar. Good good seafood. Fresh and cooked just nicely. Everything is so chewy here, unlike the overcooked and soft seafood we're so used to being served in KL.

Snacks at Disneyland: Mickey pudding and smoked turkey leg.


Egg custard, red bean snow and porky bun at Yee Shun Milk Company. The pork bun was damn nice ok!! Bread was crispy and meat was crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside *salivates*

Breakfast on the final day was at Tao Heaung in Silvercord Arcade in Tsim Sha Tsui. Average stuff they got here. Pardon some of the blury pics, the one after the ha kau is simply garbage. Not good. And xiao long bao was terrible as well. Kun tong kao was good, much better than the version here where you only get one big dollop of flour with some processed meat and a bad excuse for crabmeat.

Rubbish Food at Macau (so-called) International Airport.

So there... My short culinary adventure beyond the kitchens of Malaysia. Will leave you guys with a couple of random but interesting pics. Nite!!

I accidentally snapped this photo with Aunty Lo Lan passing by without realising it was really her. I thought it was some old lady looked like her. Mom diued me for not telling her and everyone else teased me about bumping into a ghost during the hungry ghost festival -.-"

Penis galore at Temple Street. There were tons of stalls selling sex toys, dildos, vibrators, etc but I wasn't allowed to take pictures of those so none of those lah!