We Need More Happyness

I didn't realize the word was spelled with a 'Y' until Will Smith pointed it out. This movie really made it clear that we're all very, very fortunate beings really. But yet we complain so much about what we can't have in life. Try putting ourselves in Chris' shoes... I bet none of us has even half the determination and strength that he had. But yet again, he's really lucky to not suffer from broken bones after getting knocked down by a car or suffer from malnutrition. Broke my heart to watch the scene when they had to sleep in the train station's men's toilet. I was thinking about how I'd feel if I had my son in my arms when all he had were toilet paper as bedsheet. I be such a failure as a father. It's a good thing Christopher's such a good kid. And the closing scene was it. Will Smith just brings you to tears. I had mine brimming with tears when I saw Chris' red and brimming with tears too. This movie is a tearjerker but most importantly, it's a reminder that we should be more thankful about the little good things we have in life and be strong when we face difficulties. Thank you, Will Smith.


aichiban said...

another of those - will forget after a while moral stories