All I need now is a muse

My brother (eldest) bought me a Canon S5 IS yesterday!!! Muahahahahahahahaha...... Wakakakakakaakakakakakakakakaa....... It's my early birthday present and I'm happy I finally have a somewhat decent camera to play with. Thank you kor. I know how I always say I love my family but I think they disagree with that because frankly speaking, I do look like I'm extremely displeased with them at most times. But really la, I'm just better off with the bitchy face. So let's just leave it at that, okay? It's Monday and I'm not in the mood for work. But still manage to clear off some of my backlogs. So many deadlines to rush wey!! My mind is already in Hong Kong. I'm now sitting at the wantan noodles stall and slurping on the yummy noodles, chewing on the shrimp dumplings. Walking excitedly into the char chan teng and ordering milk tea, waiting eagerly for the egg tarts as they come out of the oven, piping hot. Walking a few blocks for the roasted goose drumstick. Ripping the meat with my teeth and wishing Mr. Bun was there to eat its skin for me. Perhaps make a stop at the dim sum restaurant later. After all, Hong Kong is famous for all these, and more. Aaaaahhhh... Friday won't you come faster? I'm in agony because I know all these are still just daydreams in my head.

P/S: Updates for my new cam later on.