Wawasan 2020

So much for the billions of Ringgit gone down the drain spent on the multimedia infrastructure which Malaysian ministers so gleefully and proudly proclaim as CYBERJAYA. So much for the empty promises ever so proudly declared in every mainstream media not too long ago about fast and efficient government customer service officers. I don't know and don't give a fuck about Telekom Malaysia being a full-government body or not, all I know is that when customers pay for a product/service, they'd better get the equal amount of service for the shit that they pay for. My streamyx connection has been out ever since my trip to Hong Kong and I could get back online just today. Two fucking weeks of being disconnected. Streamyx is back up after endless and pointless shoutings on the phone at lousy customer service tele-officers who keep repeating the same bullshit after every single phone call I made. How could they have lost my connection just like that? My money is those you burn to use in hell meh? Not worthy of your time in the world at the moment izit? There was up to a point which I literally FUCKED the guy upside down on the phone on the second last phone call that I made to TM. Niamah sumore can threaten to disconnect my call for using profanities. Who do you think made my blood boil over a 100 degrees celcius ah? Your useless and fucking slow so-called higher level technicians and your ineffectiveness of getting the message across la... Fuckheaded retards!! Anyways, the point of this entry, apart from the purpose of me venting my anger towards those who are fully responsible for my explosion of raging emotions, is to reinstate the point of why Malaysia is still a developing country even after 50 glorious years of independence. We, the rakyat have people who lack the same problems that we commoners have to face on a daily basis, to lead and run the country. Traffic jam? Take the public transport la! You don't know how sucky our public transport system is because you have traffic policemen clearing off the traffic for you on the road while you sit comfortably in a luxurious car, which is by the way, non-Malaysian made. Internet service no good? That's because Malaysians don't want to fork out the money to upgrade to state-of-the-art technologies and are still lagging behind. NMCH if really got damn good service you think I cannot afford to pay ah? Toll prices too costly? Don't take my highways la! Yeah, as if we have other alternative roads that don't really have a toll plaza... And we do pay our taxes so we're not supposed to be subjected to mind-torturing and body-aching traffic jams on a daily basis, regardless of paying the toll or not. OMG if I have to live such a stressful life filled with so many unnecessary stress, I think I'm gonna kill myself before I actually can live a life.