Zooming past six months

Officially, it's been seven months. But who cares if it came one week past its due date?

I was confirmed to my job yesterday.

But I'm in no condition to celebrate. Sick again. It's pretty bad this time around. The fever and flu is dizzying up this girl. Nearly fainted yesterday. Seriously, I'm not trying to be a drama queen. Thank god Mr. Bun was around. Feeling better now compared to the past two days when I was trapped in the chilling and agonizing air-conditioned office. Next week, I'm away for nearly the whole week. Up to the hills on Monday and flying off to the golden sandy beaches of Tioman Island. Back to the bustling sights and sounds of KL City on Friday. Absolutely no time with the boyfriend. But he was so sweet, he drop by this morning with two huge nuts for me. Two coconuts, that is. Maybe he'll drop by again later after watching Die Hard 4.0 with his boyfriends. Groan... I need more rest. Nothing is good on telly right now so I'm stuck with watching Concert for Diana. See you guys when I'm back from my free fam trip to Tioman. Try not to be jealous kay? 'Cause I'll be in Redang next month or so for another fam trip. Work, but still...